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Twitter banned in Nigeria – How you may lost your investment – By Gabriel-Wealth Olatuja


Twitter banned in Nigeria

Investing your money, time, energy and resources building a social media community for your business Is good.

But just imagine those who have spent trillions of naira investments building twitter audience and now its banned.

If you haven’t heard,

1. FG is already in dialogue with China to build Internet firewall. With the firewall, you won’t be able to access social media who do not dance to the tune of the administration.

2. With the regulations going underground, Facebook and Instagram may be banned soon, if they fail to take government’s licences.

Question: What happens to your investment and fanbase on these platforms if they are banned? Gone!

Let me give you fact and figure.

Since twitter was banned, it was reported by that Nigeria lost N2,177,089,051 everyday.

Twitter banned in Nigeria

Nigeria in this report means Nigerians and organisations who use Twitter for their businesses. You are probably one of the people loosing this money.


At this point in time, it is expected that forward thinking business owners and organisations should think fast before its too late. Not only think but #act fast.

This action requires businesses, business owners and organisations to begin to build their own websites or mobile applications that will accommodate their audiences. Peradventure, all social media platforms are shutdown, you will still stay connected with your audience, followers and fans directly on your website. You will still retain your customers patronage.

I know you may be thinking getting a website is expensive. But I’m ready to guide and advise your further as an IT expert.

Instead of committing you money, energy and time to build a social media community, it will rather be more proactive of you to have a plan B. The plan B is have a website or an app and begin to direct your audience to the website or app so they know where to find you and continue to patronise you, in case all social media are shutdown.

You can inbox me for further guidance on how to get an affordable website tailor-made for your business needs here on WhatsApp WhatsApp