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Monetise your Facebook Meta Page in Nigeria

How to Monetise your Facebook Meta Page in Nigeria

How to Monetise your Facebook Meta Page in Nigeria There are a few different ways to make money from the content you post on Facebook. To be eligible, however, your entire Page and its content must adhere to our rules for monetisation. How well you

WhatsApp Marketing

Why WhatsApp Marketing is the Best Marketing Campaign

What is WhatsApp Marketing? WhatsApp marketing is the use of the WhatsApp messaging app as a communication channel with customers, prospects and other stakeholders for the purpose of promoting a product, service or brand. It can include sending bulk messages, creating chatbots, and using WhatsApp

Comparing Whatsapp, SMS And Email Marketing Open Rate And CTR

BEST DIGITAL MARKETING WITH RESULTS Whatsapp Marketing: Open Rate 100%;: Click-through-Rate: 90% Bulk SMS Marketing Open Rate: 98%; Click-through-Rate: 45% Email Marketing Open Rate: 30%; Click-through-Rate: 7% Contact us at Geewealth Consulting for your Marketing Campaigns at 1. We have Nigerian WhatsApp databases for WhatsApp Marketing


Buy Active And Verified Nigerian WhatsApp Number Database

With an active and verified Nigerian WhatsApp number database, you can now market to your audience free of cost via direct messaging and broadcasts. These are generalized WhatsApp numbers for all Nigerian states, both male and female, professionals, youth, etc.   State / Local Government

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