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How to Monetise your Facebook Meta Page in Nigeria

How to Monetise your Facebook Meta Page in Nigeria

There are a few different ways to make money from the content you post on Facebook. To be eligible, however, your entire Page and its content must adhere to our rules for monetisation. How well you and your Page follow these rules will determine your monetisation eligibility.


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Check your monetisation eligibility status

Rules for monetisation

You and your Page need to follow three main sets of rules to be eligible to monetise your content on Facebook:


Facebook Community Standards

These are our foundational rules against unsafe content that depicts graphic violence, nudity and hate speech. In most cases, even non-monetised content must follow our Community Standards.


Partner Monetisation Policies

Our Partner Monetisation Standards are typically applied at the Page level and address the behaviour of your Page as a whole, including rules for the content that your Page creates, how that content is shared and how your Page receives and makes online payments.


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Content Monetisation Policies

These rules typically apply at the content level. They address the content of each individual video or post that your Page publishes. Our Content Monetisation Policies include rules against violent, sexual, criminal, graphic or profane content.


See if your Page is eligible

In addition to following our Rules for Monetisation, there are certain requirements that your Page and your content must meet before being able to use any of Facebook’s monetisation products.

  1. Check your eligibility in Creator Studio
  2. In-stream ads eligibility
  3. Fan subscriptions eligibility
  4. Branded content access and policies


Violations and appeals

If your content fails to meet our standards or follow our policies, it may be flagged for an enforcement action. These include reducing or removing your ability to use our monetisation tools.



Individual violations of our standards may lead to the disabling of monetisation tools for one specific piece of content. However, serious or repeated violations could cause your entire account to lose access to in-stream ads and other monetisation tools. Check the monetisation status for all your videos in your Creator Studio Content Library.


If you believe that one of your videos has been demonetised incorrectly, you can submit an appeal directly to our reviews team. An appeal can only be submitted once for each demonetised video that your Page has posted. Appeals are typically answered in seven days or less.


Apply it

You manage a Page that publishes multiple videos a month. You have been monetising with in-stream ads for three months now. One day, your monetisation status for this Page moves from green to yellow. What’s the first thing you should do?


 File a direct appeal.

  • Review your most recently uploaded videos against Facebook’s Monetisation Policies to check for violations.
  • Delete the last video you uploaded.
  • Move your videos to another Page that is eligible to monetise.
  • Submit


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