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Buy Nigerian Mobile Phone Numbers For Bulk SMS Campaigns

Buy Millions of Nigeria Local Government and State-Based GSM Phone Numbers for Bulk SMS campaign at a very affordable rate. In other words, the benefits of getting these numbers are just too enormous:


Boost your sales

For instance, you can use these numbers to boost your sales and business exposure by presenting your products and services to the right targeted people, in the right place and at the right time


Connect with the right people

On the other hand, these numbers are not only ideal for businesses; If you are a politician that needs to get the confidence of the electorate. You can use our database for your electioneering campaign and political awareness.


We have millions of Phone numbers that are classified state-by-state and even down to LGAs. This is to ensure that you can direct and target your messages to a particular set of people in any area and location in Nigeria.


Endless possibilities

More so, these numbers are perfect for you whether your goal is to sell, promote, inform, notify, or simply create awareness about your upcoming programs or products. Similarly, you can utilize this cost-effective, reliable and targeted way of reaching out to a specific audience with an assurance of having the desired results.

Whether you are a church, a mosque, an organization, a hotel, a school, etc. Summarily, our database is just perfect for you


Higher OPEN rate

Moreover, the open rate of text messages is nearly 100 percent. In other words, No other marketing campaign can boast of the success rate associated with Mobile marketing. Similarly, the success rate of SMS marketing is high simply because mobile devices are great companions to many users. Mobile devices have become one of the essential commodities that many people cannot afford to leave behind. Hence, the click-through rate CTR of text messages is very high and the very best available in media marketing.


In summary, using the Phone number for your Bulk SMS marketing is easy and very affordable

Therefore, Buy the Phone Number database to market your products or services. We sell at a very affordable rate. You can be assured of a satisfactory experience. See our pricing below. Use the calculator link to estimate your billing and make payment via the payment link.


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