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Making Money Online: How AdMob Works

Making Money Online: How AdMob Works Register for a new Gmail account if you don’t have access to one. (Via Then use the Gmail account to sign up on

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Once you register, set up your payment address and create your ad units codes in order to get your account approved within 24hrs. (Read registration procedures below to know how to do that).   After creating your ad units codes (banner and interstitial id) then you make payment for your app, the ad units codes will be integrated into your app so your app can start showing ads.   Once the app has been developed for you, open it and start clicking on ads showing on it (by using VPN).   You shouldn’t click without a VPN, Google will ban u as clicking so much on your own ad is not allowed. With the use of a VPN, you are telling Google that the click was done from another country. And you will be credited after that.  

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  The amount you earn per ad click depends on the type of app (basic or premium) you are using and the type of ads you clicked on.   If you should make 10clicks in a day, you should earn between $5 – $15 on that day.   So your monthly earnings depend on the number of clicks you make per day.   Once you earn up to $10, Google will send a verification pin to your nearest post office in other to confirm your address (via d address and postal code you used during registration). It takes some days to arrive.   They can also confirm your address by having you submit a document e.g electricity bill or bank statement to confirm your address. Without verifying your payment address, you won’t be able to withdraw your earnings   What are the things I need to get started?  

  • It works with your daily dedicated click..
  • No Referrals Needed..
  • It also works with your VPN On!


Making Money Online: How AdMob Works: What Does It Cost to Earn?


  1. Your phone
  2.  Internet Connections
  3. The Earning App (One time Payment, message me to get yours)
  4.  VPN



  The Google AdMob program Is only available to app owners. The app is needed because the ads unit code you created from your AdMob account needs a platform for it to serve the adverts and your app is that platform