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Making Money Online: Earn Owning an App

Making Money Online: Earn Owning an App. Many people ask how they can earn on the app. This article shows how you can earn an app wherever you are.   To make money on AdMob you need an earning app.

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All you have to do is to open your app.   Click on the button to show ads. Once the ads are shown, you click on the ads… Once you click on those ads, an amount of money ranging from $0.5–$10   You will be sent to your AdMob account, so the more you click, the more your AdMob account balance increases.   What I meant above is that AdMob pays per click – the amount of money sent to your AdMob account balance will be determined by three things.

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  1. The Country you are clicking from
  2. The type of ads you click on.
  3. The type of app you are using.


Making Money Online: Earn Owning an App

Let’s start with the first.

  1. The country you are clicking from.

  Admob is powered by Google and the ads they serve are targeted by country; different adverts are shown to individuals living in different countries and as such different amounts of money are paid per click from different countries. Countries like Nigeria and India have a very low cost per click but don’t worry if you come from any of these countries with a low cost per click; the instructions I will show you will also help you to overcome that. That’s where the VPN comes in place.  

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  In the US and UK, the cost per click varies from 1 US dollar to 5 USD depending on the adverts you clicked. If you convert that to Naira, it will give you like N350 to N1500 per click. As you can see, this is very promising so keep reading to learn how you can make money from Admob  


  1. Type of ads you click on

Earnings per click also depend on the type of ads you click on…for example MTN pays Google 50,000 naira to help them in advertising and Glo pays Google 150,000 naira in helping them advertising…so Google will place a certain income on the two ads. One will be higher than the other…  

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  1. The type of app used

The type of you use in clicking is also important as well, the premium app generates more earnings than the basic app reason being that the premium app generates ads with higher CPC (cost per click), it’s also an auto impression app(generates a lot of impressions) and less stressful to use.   Contact us now, let’s help you develop an app at an affordable rate To start earning, send us a WhatsApp message here