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How you can make money in dollars in Nigeria 2022

How you can make money in dollars in Nigeria

In this article, I want to talk about how you can make money in dollars in Nigeria. Really, what actually happened is that if you are in Nigeria at the moment, the way things have it requires that you make money in foreign currency.
You know you have to have something you are doing that is earning you money in foreign currency and basically, that’s my full course today. I want to see the possibility of showing you five to seven ways that you can use to make money in foreign currency.
Now, some of these thoughts I want to show you might not be so easy for you to judge. For you, there might be something that is quite demanding on your part but eventually, it’s going to make you money.
Okay! So, let’s look at ways to make money in dollars in Nigeria. So you are in Nigeria and you are making money in dollars, it may not be very big or is something that you can build over a period of time.
1. Youtube
Youtube gives you the choice to make money, whether you want to collect your money in naira or you want to collect it in foreign currency in dollars. Opening a Youtube channel is easy. All you need is to have a free Gmail account. GO to and log in to your Gmail account. There you have a youtube account and then you are able to put videos there regularly and create content and people come to watch.
When you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, what happens is that you are getting paid once you now join the youtube partnership program. So that’s the way it works.
So, in that case, youtube asks if you want to collect your money in Naira or you want to collect it in Dollars, you have to say you want to collect it in Dollars. So, while you are in Nigeria you can be earning in dollars.
See the way the rate of inflation is happening to the naira, you just have to think about what I’m saying. It’s very important. You don’t need any capital to start that.
On youtube, different people put different contents online and people go there and they are benefiting from the content and they like it. They enjoy the content and then youtube plays adverts and you know, both of them youtube and the owner are making money.
This video shows you what youtube is all about.

Airbnb is a way by which people that have houses to rent go to get their houses rented. Also, those who have houses can go to Airbnb and list, their property there so that people can come and rent.
People can come and rent their property for a short period of time; one week, two weeks, one month, use it and go. For example, somebody is coming from the UK and he’s coming to Nigeria and he needs a place he can sleep, wake up, cook, just have a home away from home.
So you can register with Airbnb and when they register with Airbnb, whenever the person wants to search for houses in Lagos, let’s assume the person is coming from u.s, you know he’s going to be something like he’s going to find all the houses available in Lagos and once he finds those houses available, because he will pick one and then once he picks,s one of it, he pays for it and then the owner of the property can have the account in a foreign.
You can have the account in a foreign country may be like UK or US because people come in a lot from u.s. when they come in from u.s, they can just from u.s go to a place they can stay in Nigeria for some period of time and then Airbnb provides them a perfect atmosphere.
They pay for that in dollars or in pounds, that’s the point I’m bringing out. So you can be in Nigeria and you make your property available on Airbnb and you are earning your money in foreign currency.
3. Sourcing Free images from and Selling on
Picking images from Freepik and taking them to Postermywall, you are going to be collecting your money in foreign currency.
You collect your money in dollars. You will make a lot of money in dollars. It makes a lot of sense because you don’t need any capital to start this. All you just need to do is to be consistent, you take images from platform freepik to platform postermywall put a little design and if anybody uses it, you are going to be making money from postermywall.
4. Amazon book writing and selling via Amazon KDP
Okay, now, when I say amazon book writing, It is not necessarily on Amazon alone, but, if you write books and you upload them on amazon, amazon is going to pay you in foreign currency,
If I want to pay you in foreign currency you can collect the money um in foreign currency on your billing account what else pioneer account does for you peonia is an online company they will open for you a bank account in this country in canada in usa in singapore in sorry that’s my mic when you see the blue light okay so they can they can they can give you all of this stuff in different countries so once you this is pioneer producer is still coming up so but these amazon you write the book and then you put your book on amazon um that’s that on amazon so while we are waiting for amazon okay uh let me change this okay so while we’re waiting for amazon let me just tell you a little bit more okay so this payoneer you can just go here and click on get started open a free account so every money that you make they will always pay there for you uh number five you can also make money from freelancing freelancing okay and go to freelancing and money in dollars i mean you can work on a freelance freelancer inside fiverr people per hour of works and the likes so there are so many and when you work there they pay you in foreign currency okay there are different works you can do you might want to check out my youtube channel to see you know what i have done explaining to people how they could work in all these different ways and make money for themselves particularly on the online platform so that is already five ways to make money from air b and b so those are the five ways you can make money in foreign currency while you are here in nigeria and on that note i’m going to close if you have not subscribed to my youtube channel please kindly hit on the subscribe button drop a comment for me that you just subscribed and just write it again i just subscribe i need to appreciate you for your subscription and um also there is a particular guide that i’ve been dropping number on my youtube channel trying to scam people who don’t answer i only have one number and my number is zero eight one one four five four five seven zero six i do not have any pagar accounts don’t go and pay money inside the pagar account the guy has opened i’ve sent a message to paga to close their account they try to open an account in my name so that they can say oh this is successful so me i can’t know it’s not my account please when you need my contact zero eight one one four five four five seven zero six and we are doing our electric investment again where you get 40 we’ve done this before 11 months ago very successful we paid everybody their money and their capital so now we are revisiting it and um you know um we are going to give you 40 in a year the first four months you get 15 the following four months you get another 15 and the last four months you get 10 percent with your capital back so that’s what we are doing correctly and you can be part of that on that note i’m going to close till i come your way next time successful some is my name and i’m saying we may be financially intelligent