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How to Monetize Your App with Facebook Audience Network

This lesson prepares you to monetize your app and grow your business through ads with Facebook Meta Audience Network.

This lesson prepares you to:

  1. Monetize your app with Meta Audience Network.
  2. Use Meta Audience Network to deliver a high-quality ad experience and grow your business.

Increase your app revenue through advertising

Digital ad spend in the U.S. is expected to nearly double by 2025. Marketers are drastically increasing their mobile ad budgets because people are spending more time on their mobile devices.

Mobile ad revenue is also growing fast, with most of it going to app publishers. In 2020, revenue from in-app ads and app stores reached$246 billion. In-app ad revenue for gaming apps will likely increase more than 19% in 2021 (6% for non-gaming apps).

Audience Network helps you monetize your app and provide high-quality experiences for the people who use it.


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How to monetize your app with Facebook Audience Network

There are many revenue models that you can use to monetize your app. Here are some common ones.

  • Freemium model: The initial download is free but with limited functionality. For more features, people pay for the full version.
  • In-app purchases, or IAP: In-app purchases let people pay for extra items or features.
  • Subscription: Similar to the traditional print model, people pay a recurring fee on a monthly or yearly basis to use the app.
  • One-time purchase: People pay once to download the app.
  • In-app advertising, or IAA: In-app advertising makes ads part of the app experience.
  • Hybrid monetization:This model combines in-app advertising and in-app purchases to increase revenue.

Of these revenue models, in-app advertising is the only way to monetize the full-featured version of your app without asking people to pay to use it. With in-app advertising, you can offer your app without an initial download barrier but still earn revenue and grow your business. When you run ads with Audience Network, people who use your app see ads that are relevant to their interests, which creates a better user experience.


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The most effective monetization solution tends to be a balanced combination of in-app advertising and in-app purchases. This hybrid model lets mobile apps generate revenue from two groups: people who prefer an ad-supported, free-to-use model, and people who are willing to make purchases that let them advance in the game or app.


In-app advertising with Facebook Audience Network

Audience Network lets app developers and publishers deliver a high-quality user experience while growing a sustainable business. Publishers can monetize their app, expand their reach and keep people engaged.


Publishers: Can monetize and retain their audience.

Advertisers: Can reach an engaged, global audience.

People: See relevant ads for a better app experience.

Why monetize with Audience Network?

Audience Network helps you monetize your app without compromising user experience. It offers tools and features to help you grow your business.


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Run ads that reflect your brand values

Protect your app with brand-safe ads. Audience Network offers pre- and post-campaign clarity, block lists, keyword blocking, severity level controls and more to ensure a high-quality ad experience.


Retain gaming app players and provide in-game value

For gaming apps, Audience Network helps elevate the player experience with rewarded videos to maximize revenue, retain players and provide in-game value.


Keep growing

With access to global Meta advertisers who want to extend their reach beyond Meta, you can monetize your app worldwide. This demand creates high fill rates and CPMs. With Monetization Manager, you get tools to analyze performance and grow.

Knowledge check

What’s a benefit of adopting a hybrid monetization model for your app?

Choose the correct answer.


Now that you know the types of app monetization and the benefits of monetizing with Audience Network, let’s look at shifts in app monetization and their effects on ad buying and revenue.

Actions to take

To recap, use Audience Network to gain access to thousands of advertisers, populate ad space in your app and generate revenue.

Start monetizing your app with Audience Network.

Key takeaways

Balance in-app advertising with in-app purchases for an effective hybrid monetization model.

Use Audience Network to deliver high-quality ads that don’t compromise how people experience.