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How To Grow Your Business With WhatsApp

Growing Your Business With WhatsApp

Growing your business with WhatsApp is a fun, free, easy-to-use mobile messaging app used by millions of people in Nigeria, Ghana, and large parts of Africa.

Smart businesses have found creative ways to leverage this platform to build meaningful relationships with existing and prospective customers, and earn more revenue.

You may be familiar with WhatsApp as an everyday user, but how well do you understand WhatsApp as a business-boosting tool?

To grow your business with WhatsApp

You will need

1. to buy whatsapp Number Database. You can chat us on whatsapp here for inquiry.
2. a contact list of existing as well as prospective customers.
In this article, we will be discussing the ways to get your existing and prospective customers to opt-in to receiving WhatsApp messages from you.


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What You’ll Need To Get Started

Growing your business with whatsapp, You will need a:
a. dedicated phone and phone number for your business’ WhatsApp communications.
b. free WhatsApp account on that phone.
How to get people to opt-in to receiving WhatsApp.

Quick Picks

a. Offer clear value in exchange for access to your customers’ WhatsApp
b. People must explicitly opt-in to receiving your messages.

c. After the person has opted in, send a warm first message inviting them to save your phone number onto their phone’s contact list. This is important for them to be able to see your WhatsApp stories and receive.

The 3 Main Ways To Market Via Whatsapp

In Growing your business with whatsapp, here are the 4 main communication channels:
a. One-on-one chats
b. WhatsApp Broadcasts
c. WhatsApp Stories
d. WhatsApp Groups

Each channel has its unique features and advantages that makes it ideal for different types of messages.
We recommend, however, that a WhatsApp marketing strategy should focus on the first three channels.
Let’s take a deep dive into each of the channels, and take a look at how best to use them to grow your business.



This is the default and primary communication channel on WhatsApp.

It involves you, the business owner, chatting directly with a customer or a lead.
It’s often the first form of communication that your business will have with a contact.

Like we mentioned earlier, your first one-on-one chat should ideally be to introduce yourself, and to gently prompt them to save your phone number to their contact list.
One-on-ones are also the primary customer support channel.

When customers have complaints, questions, or feedback, they’ll contact you one-on-one, and you should aim to respond to their messages as swiftly and as helpfully as possible.

One-on-one chats can be used for intimate communication, responding to customer queries, upselling them, and much more.

Set up a friendly business persona, connect with your customers with one-on-ones, make them feel special, and let every message you send them have a clear value proposition.


Growing your business with WhatsApp Broadcasts: Whatsapp broadcasts are the primary channel for sending a mass message to multiple people, without them knowing each other.

None of your respondents have to know that you sent the same message to more than one person.

How to use WhatsApp Broadcast

Lists to segment your contacts

In marketing, segmentation is the practice of putting your customers or leads into different categories, for the purpose of sending them targeted messages.
The benefit of segmentation are that you’re able to tailor both your language and content to that target group, with the result that you’ll see greater conversions when you send promotional messages.

To send better WhatsApp Broadcasts, you should segment your WhatsApp contact list into distinct target groups.
For instance, if you own a men’s clothing store, your segmented WhatsApp Broadcast lists could look like this:
a. Customers who love suits
b. Young customers into the latest styles
c. Older customers with more conservative tastes
d. IP customers

When you send messages, your language to the “Older customers with more conservative tastes” Broadcast list would be a little more formal, while the language you use for “Youthful customers into the latest styles” could be a little less buttoned-up.

List Segmentation


While growing your business with what’s, segmentation helps you send Broadcasts that are more likely to get read, and have a higher probability of leading to orders or purchases from your business.

Also, If your messages are too generic or relevant to only one segment of your customer list, naturally, the other respondents will see no value in your message.

That could over time learn to de-prioritize your messages, possibly stop reading them, or even delete your business’ contact from their phones.
In summary, Segmentation also helps you share relevant content.
The effects of consistently sending your clients high value information via WhatsApp broadcasts may not be immediately obvious, but they help your business in the long run.
People will start to think of your business as credible, and as a result, they’ll recommend people in their network to use you, which will drive more sales.

How to set up WhatsApp Broadcasts

Whatsapp broadcasts are easy to set up.
You need a contact list. Contact us to buy contact list now. Send us a whatsapp message on this website.


1. Launch your business’ WhatsApp application OR the normal Whatsapp App on your mobile device, and click on the overflow icon.
2. The overflow icon revals a menu option, tap on to select from your WhatsApp contact list, the contacts that you wish to add to the broadcast list.
3. After clicking on “New broadcast”, you’re shown a list of all your contacts that use WhatsApp. Tap on only the names of the contacts who you wish to add to the Broadcast list.

As you tap to select contacts, their profile pictures appear at the top of your screen. You may tap on the icon attached to each profile picture to remove one or more of the previously selected contacts.

After selecting all the contacts you wish to add to the list, you should tap on the green icon at the right bottom of the screen with a ✔️ in it. Tapping on this icon creates the list.
4. The new broadcast list is saved with a default name, a reflection of the number of contacts on the list, in this case “4 recipients”.

Renaming Broadcast Lists


To rename the list, and differentiate it from other possible Broadcast lists that your business may create, tap on the section that reads tap here for broadcast list info.
5. After following the prompt to tap for broadcast list info, the screen in the image below will show.

Tap on the pen icon to rename the group to a preferred name
6. After changing the name, in this case, to a name like “Marketing List”, you can then proceed to send them targeted messages.

What happens when contacts reply to Broadcasts?
When contacts reply to Broadcasts, it starts off a private one-on-one chat with you. No-one else who received the Broadcast will see the reply.

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Limits to WhatsApp Broadcasts
You can add a maximum of 256 people to WhatsApp Broadcast Lists, but you can have an unlimited number of Broadcasts Lists, so if you have more than 256 people, simply create a separate list to handle the remaining people.

Additionally, contacts will only receive WhatsApp Broadcasts if they have your number saved in their phone’s contact list. So you can find a way to chat with them one-on-on, to make them save your number before sending out broadcasts.


WhatsApp Stories allows users to share a stream of photos with contacts. The contacts may view these photos, comment on them, or simply keep swiping to see others.
Also, WhatsApp Stories are great for marketing products and services with great visual appeal, and coupled with great captioning, they could drive sales for many businesses.


Limits to WhatsApp Stories

Meanwhile, when sending broadcasts, Contacts must have your phone number saved on their phone to be able to see your WhatsApp Stories.
The stories also disappear after 24 hours, but customers may save them by taking a screen shot of their phones while your business’ pictures are on display.


Quick Picks

a. If you can, leverage WhatsApp Broadcasts to segment your contact list, so that you can send targeted message.

b. It’s important to get your contacts to add your phone number to their phone contact list. This allows them to see your WhatsApp Stories, and to receive your WhatsApp Broadcasts.
c. One-on-one messages works well for providing customer support and deepening relationships with Customers.

d. Be sensitive to the timing and frequency of your messages to your contacts.

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