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How to Get 8x Results when you Place your Facebook ads on mobile apps with Audience Network

How to Get 8x Results when you Place your Facebook ads on mobile apps with Audience Network

Use the power of Facebook targeting to run effective ads on thousands of mobile apps.

With AudienceNetwork, you can run campaigns across publishers and environments using Facebook targeting capabilities, ad formats and management tools. Your ads will reach people on a growing network of high-quality mobile apps, especially in gaming apps where players are deeply engaged.

Facebook targeting with Audience Network

The same targeting capabilities that help you connect with people on Facebook platforms can help you reach more people on thousands of mobile apps.

Mobile apps with Audience Network

Get access to mobile in-app inventory at scale, including gaming app inventory. Choose from native, rewarded videos and interstitial ad formats.

Protection against fraud

Audience Network has systems in place to combat fraudulent actions, and has gained the TAG “Certified Against Fraud” and JICWEBS DTSG accreditations.


Over one billion people see on Audience – Network ad every month1.

High-quality inventory

All publishers must go through rigorous onboarding and review, and we have direct relationships with every one of them.

Brand safety

Receive full pre- and post-campaign transparency reports, and control where your ads appear with block lists and an inventory filter.

Find step-by-step instructions for using Audience -Network


See how Audience-Network increases conversion opportunities.

When Bombas, a US sock e-commerce company, added AudienceNetwork to their mix of ad placements, they attracted more shoppers, increased winter holiday sales and beat their Q4 goals.

Increase in return on ad spend after including Audience-Network: 20%

Decrease in cost per acquisition after including AudienceNetwork: 13%

Increase in holiday sales in 2018, compared to the same period in 2017: 69%



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Create ads that appear on Meta AudienceNetwork Like Phoenix Browser Android App


Meta AudienceNetwork lets you extend your ad campaigns beyond Facebook to reach audiences on websites and apps on mobile and desktop devices. AudienceNetwork can also be selected as a stand-alone placement when using in-stream video.

Note: If you’re creating a video ad, you’ll need to select the awareness objective in order to choose ThruPlay or 2-second continuous video views as optimisation goal. Also bear in mind that you’ll need to select the engagement objective to have the ability to choose a conversion location and video views as your engagement type on a video ad.

Create ads that appear on Audience Network

To create ads that appear on AudienceNetwork from Ads Manager:

  1. Open Ads Manager.
  2. Select Create ad.
  3. Select an Audience Network eligible objective.
  4. At the Ad set level, add your audience and targeting and click Manual placements.
  5. Select a device type from the following options:
    • All devices (recommended)
    • Mobile
    • Desktop
  6. Expand the menu on Apps and sites section to view all placement options:
  7. Add your budget, schedule and ad creative.
  8. Select Publish in Ads Manager to finish.

Your ad will start appearing in Audience Network placements that are eligible with the creative and objective that you choose.