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Delayed Gratification – A key to future success – by Olatuja Gabriel-Wealth

Delayed Gratification – A key to future success – by Olatuja Gabriel-Wealth

The problem of so many Nigerians is the inability to delay gratification. We want it NOW. We want to collect all the money NOW. We don’t want to give room for us to be trusted. Credibility doesn’t matter to us.

Delayed gratification is what has taken successful people far.


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I was doing a business research last week and I contacted a guy who has been in the industry for sometimes to get relevant information. I also made it clear to him that it’s a survey that I haven’t been paid for.


I also told him there’s a plan for long term cooperation with him when I get the approval from our client. The guy constantly insisted I must pay him before he can give me any information at all.

It was annoying and funny at the same time. Because I presented myself as a novice in the industry to him, he didn’t know I just wanted to consolidate the information I already gathered. He said if I can’t hire him, I should forget it.

Meanwhile, me who was doing a research for the client wasn’t paid by the client before I started.


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Are you still one of those who believe money is everything?

Credibility, building trust with people is better. It will even bring that money that surpasses your expectations. Give people, especially those you are meeting newly the opportunity to know what you can do. Give them the opportunity to know your abilities and skills. Don’t bring in money first.

If you have been able to win the person first, you might even overcharge and the person will be happy to pay because he already trusted you, he already knows you can deliver a good result.


If you haven’t proven you can deliver and all that comes to your head is how to ask for money, you will be seen as just another half baked individual out there who can’t do anything, who can’t deliver the expected result.

My fellow youth need to learn to delay gratifications, especially in business, in career, mention it. If you are too pushy in your quest to get money, you will always end up pushing off your benefactors and those who are potentially there to help you into greatness. Delayed Gratification!

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One’s inability to delay gratifications is triggered by that mindset that wants everything NOW.

Most ladies who can’t delay gratifications as singles are those who always fall victim of wrong men. Those who are married are known for putting their marriage on fire because they have not bit of patience. They want everything now.

This caught across all spheres of life.

As an employee or a job seeker, learn to delay gratifications. Your employer who has been taking care of your attractive remunerations is having challenges and you can’t bear with him.


You are seeking for job; you can’t do quality research before an interview to know the responsibilities, the tasks and the value you want to bring onboard. You can’t do research and come up with the plans of what you will implement when you assume the role. You are either too lazy or you are too careful so that they will not get your ideas and discard you…

It doesn’t work like that. No one will discard a potential change maker. No one will discard someone who will add good values to his or her business or organisation. And even if you find such person that just want to take your idea; you should know they can’t take your brain.


So many things I know how to do today were the things I learnt when searching for jobs or preparing for interviews on one managerial role or the other.

As a business development and marketing specialist, I never heard of COHORT ANALYSIS IN CUSTOMER RETENTION AND SALES until I was been given this assignment in a SEEDSTAR interview that too me two weeks to solve. I tried all I could to solve the questions with different softwares. No way. I later got the direct solution to the question in a lecture delivered by a Professor in a USA varsity. Yes. They didn’t employ me for the role. But what I have learnt is already a part of me.

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For job seekers, things have changed. Some job seekers done have anything to bring to table apart from the discussions around grades in school, I graduated with 2.1, first class, I have this certificate or that certificate.

Most employers are not interested in your degrees or certificates before you are hired. Your degree or certificate won’t give you a job any more. They are just criteria to filter fewer applicants from the thousands of applicants in their HRM systems.


If you scale through to the interview, forget about your degree. Do research and come up with plans of things you will do when you achieve the role. Even if it’s a new role that you have never handled before, by the time you talk about the role, let your interviewer believe you have been on that role for years. Let them believe you are the only one who can do the job.


There’s no interview I have been to that I wasn’t employed. I rather came top among the 2.1 and first class graduates with my second class lower division which I’m very proud of as my grade in school is not a reflection of my abilities.

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To build trust and credibility with people, you need quality characters, coupled with your skills, abilities and expertise and professionalism. Patience is also critical. That’s Delayed Gratification.

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