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Apply to 28 Canadian universities without IELTS in 2022 

Apply to universities in Canada without IELTS in 2022

So many Nigerians who wish to apply to study in Canada have the challenge of writing IELTS because of the funds required and the uncertainty of passing the test. As a result, so many of them rather prefer to apply to universities that require no IELTS.

Are you one of the applicants who wish to apply without IELTS? Look no further. This article got you covered.

Here, there is a list of 28 universities in Canada 🍁 that require no IELTS. We Al’s showed the step by step process of application.


The universities are

1. McGill University
2. University of Alberta
3. University of Toronto
4. University of Ottawa
5. University of Waterloo
6. Queen’s University
7. Concordia University
8. University of British Columbia

9. University of Saskatchewan
10. Montreal University
11. Okanagan University
12. Cambrian University
13. Memorial University of Newfoundland
14. Seneca College, Toronto
15. University of Regina
16. University of Winnipeg
17. Brock University
18. Carleton University
19. Simon Fraser University

20. University of Victoria
21. University of Manitoba
22. Simon Fraser University
23. Western University
24. Dalhousie University
25. University of Calgary
26. Brandon University
27. Algoma University
28. University of Guelph

However, if any university asks for an English test. Do the following 👇🏽

1. Email the university informing them that you understand and were taught in English language

2. Ask for a waiver

3. Upload an English Language Certification (ELC) from your university.
4. You can get the ELC from either the Registrar, Head of Department (HOD) or Dean in your university.

5. Here is a sample of an English Language Certification:



Credit: SummerOkibe | Twitter

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