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Being Unemployed Should Not Make You Jobless. Being Jobless Is Your Responsibility

Being Unemployed Should Not Make You Jobless. Being Jobless Is Your Responsibility – By Gabriel-Wealth Olatuja.

We pay Freelance nairaland Publishers up to #2k for every article published.

You: Small money.
Me: #2k x30days = #60k.
They don’t spend money on transportation to office. They work from home. They use their smartphones.

Publishing takes them less than two minutes.

What do you do on social media?
How many hours of your day do you spend on unproductive things and things that will not add value to you on the Internet?

Stats shows that 35% of employable Nigerians are unemployed. I’m sure this number is way below what the reality is. This simply means that those who are in the forefront of leadership have failed the people. We all know it. I’m not going to hammer on the political perspectives of this. This is for you to sit tighter.

Yes, among all the odds, how well have you helped yourself?

Just on Saturday here, we concluded a WhatsApp campaign using Freelance WhatsApp Marketers. We paid them #3k for sending #3k WhatsApp messages daily.

You: that’s small money 😂
Me: #3k in 30days = #90k per month.
Not transportation to Office.

They worked from home using their smartphones. They spent less than 6 hours to deliver the job per day.
So let me ask you. How much do those who travel far to office everyday in traffic, work from 9am-5pm are paid.

Some years ago, I was earning #100k per month, but I spent a minimum of 6hours I traffic per day. Those in Lagos can relate.
That’s just an eye opener. The white collar job mentality is a poverty oriented. Even if you are not gainfully employed, you can be self employed. Employ yourself first and you will grow to employ others. Unemployment should not make you useless.

Someone may be, asking, which one is Freelance WhatsApp Marketing, Nairaland Content Publisher?

Hear me. The world has changed. You need to wake up, if you have not and open your eyes to the opportunities online.

Stop wasting your time on things that won’t improve your life.

If I may ask. What new skills have you learnt in the last 3 months, in the last 1 year?

Hear this. If you fail to update yourself, you will be outdated. It doesn’t matter who you are or the knowledge you have achieved in the past.

Don’t be a lazy thinker. Stop being a lazy doer. Think and do 😂. Do the right things, things that will make your life better in the long run, no matter how difficult it may be now.

At Geewealth Consulting, we are building capacity. We give free training and guidance to as many on our platforms. You can join Geewealth Career to be a beneficiary of the various opportunities we bring to our audience from time to time.

Stop blaming someone else for your misfortunes. Rise up now and get to work. Do things that will turn things around for you.

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